28-Летняя Йогиня Вдохновила Тысячи Людей По Всему Миру!

Знакомьтесь, это 28-летняя Валери Сагун, йог из Сан-Хосе, Калифорния. Она занимается хатха-йогой всего четыре года. Полтора года назад Валери завела инстаграм @biggalyoga, сейчас у нее почти 64 тысячи подписчиков.



3. Поза ворона? Скорее, поза королевы!

Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve all the amazing and nice things I'm given for free, but then I remember I am very fortunate to be in this position and am appreciavtive of all the love in physical and non physical form! I've been lucky enough to share great products and help change the mind set of people who make products for us! That we all deserve to give ourselves some self love and care whether it's a massage, trip out of town, rest day, or splurging on leggings you've been eyeing. #lucyforeverybody

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4. Ну, во-первых, у нее чумовая одежда для занятий!

Really excited to share this new design #sweetstrifecta I have with @bombsheller ! Ice cream, donuts, and cookies oh my! @donutscookiesandcream is seriously my food porn to watch and I drool all over all the delicious treats! I've seen ice cream and cupcake leggings before that look cool, just never saw any other leggings with unique treat designs before! I appreciate @bombsheller for offering artists to collab and create unique designs that people can wear on their body, offering sizes (true to size) up to 6x, a fabric that has SPF 50 / UV protecting / opaque / moisture wicking, and evironmental friendly. Hope to see some of you amazing people out there wearing these awesome shells! ⚞10% discount code BigGalYogaRenegade⚟ Don't worry, I will be offering classes soon. I appoligize for not being more on it, but you know life and it's fun twists and turns. Gotta try and keep my own sanity. Direct link in description: https://shop.bombsheller.com/products/sweetstrifecta?variant=30506515527

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5. А ее уверенность в себе заразительна. «Для меня йога — это про разум и позитивное мышление. Она помогает бороться с тревожностью и депрессией».

Hey everyone, is been awhile! This week feels like a blur, mostly because I feel like I've been sucked into the Pokemon Go world right now, hahahaha! Started late and going strong this week . As much as I've become a zombie, I've loved that such a childhood thing is so fun and relevant right now, and that I've walked so damn much! I have come home exhausted from just walking around trying to level up catching all that I can! Great job Niantic and The Pokemon Company for getting people out there moving. Stay safe though! I will be teaching again at @curvygirllingerie on August 21st so sign up at my eventbrite! Direct link in my description: ://www.eventbrite.com/e/yoga-for-all-bodies-with-big-gal-yoga-tickets-26958610931 Top and leggings by @JCPenney Boutique Mat by @liforme

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6. Валери всегда с удовольствием пробует новое!

7. «Будучи полной, я опасалась заниматься акройогой, но в итоге мне очень понравилось!»

8. Сейчас Валери пробует преподавать.

9. «Я полная и я цветная, я хочу показать особенным людям, что они способны на все!»